The school has well equipped, ventilated and spacious laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We believe in learning by doing. Laboratory teaching and experiments help encourage deep understanding in students. Students retain the knowledge learnt when they get a first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own. Students are taken to the laboratories only after explaining the concepts and methods of experiments through e-learning support by smart class. A regulated timetable is followed ensuring the participation of all the classes.

Students are made to manipulate the physics instruments, chemistry apparatus and chemical compounds, charts, specimens and anatomy models. Wide and comfortable slabs are erected helping the students to do the experiments comfortably. Students can perform different kinds of experiments like heat experiments, light experiments, electrical and electronic experiments. The laboratories also support the students to devise innovative projects and models on their own. The lab is regularly equipped and updated with latest equipments, instruments, specimens, charts etc. as per the requirement with proper safety measures.


Coping with the latest developments computers have been installed in the school to give computer education to all the students. The computer lab is a well-equipped and fully air-conditioned room. All the students are given individual computers to practice under the supervision of teachers.

In the lab computers are interconnected with LAN and all the required software are installed. Other devices like scanner, printers and headsets are also provided. In the lab, practicals and model practicals are conducted for senior secondary students. Students are given bounteous time and space for individual practice. A regular timetable is followed for the access of all the students.


The school has an advanced, futuristic and fully air-conditioned digital language lab to be used as an aid in modern language teaching. It harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology to deploy an easy-to-use yet comprehensive software platform for efficient teaching and quick learning of language. Highly effective listening, speaking and reading skills are developed with access to advanced materials in text, audio and video formats.

It includes a wide variety of modules for non-native speakers. It comprises of a master console and a headset with a boom arm microphone connected to a number of student booths. The teacher controls the console. A variety of posters and charts appeal visually to the attention of the students. It helps in proficient conduct of ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills test) for the students.